Alibi V.18 No.7 • Feb 12-18, 2009

Art Schmart

Dead Presidents


It's not every year that Valentine's Day and Presidents Day are so deliriously close together, and it's a confluence that can't be ignored. After all, we have a new president in office who is objectively attractive, and it's only out of respect for Michelle that many women (and men) have kept discussion of President Obama's established hotness to a minimum.

But lest we start thinking Obama is our first hot president, let's turn to history, and specifically my new favorite book: 1955's Pictorial History of American Presidents, by John and Alice Durant. It's refreshing to read a presidential chronicle that doesn't talk about Watergate or Iran Contra or feature color photography. There are, however, some pretty dreamy charcoals and daguerreotypes of our past leaders as young men. Jessica Cassyle Carr agrees, and so we weigh in on American leaders' suitor suitability in the Alibi's first annual Presidents Day/Valentine's Day Special: Dead Presidents—Do, Date or Dump?

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