Alibi V.18 No.27 • July 2-8, 2009

In Memoriam

The Virtual Michael Jackson Shrine

Rest in peace, King of Pop


One of the blessings we’ve gotten from Michael Jackson is the archive of filmed, documented milestones. Looking back, it can be considered the most public “progress report” of any entertainer in the last 45 years.

They are everywhere: YouTube, Facebook (who hasn’t seen the "Jackson 5ive" cartoon opening sequence?), the Sullivan stuff, the “Ben” song, you name it.

Yet two of his arguably most compelling milestones (and innovations) in his captured life have seemingly missed the big cut of the conversation since his passing. That’s a shame, because without factoring in the two videos below the arc, the entirety of the sweep of his genius is incomplete.

Here are my two top Michael Jackson (and by extension, Jackson Five) captured moments, along with one of his most famous (the Motown 25th Anniversary “Billie Jean” sequence), and finally, a very recent addition that demonstrates fully just how influential the man and his family were. [See this week’s “HIStory” opinion column for a reflection on Jackson’s more personal influence.]

Miss Black America Pageant—August 1968

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