Alibi V.21 No.6 • Feb 9-15, 2012

Arts Feature

505 and a Heart Shape

Winners of the Alibi’s ninth annual Valentine’s Day Card Contest


Love, to some people, invokes images of puppies and unicorns prancing about in a velvety field of rainbow-colored clover. To others, a bloodthirsty Cerberus feasting on a still-gushing aorta might come to mind.

Regardless of your disposition toward the greatest of all bonds, the winning contributions of our annual Valentine’s card contest are bound to make you smile.

The sheer bounty of amorous odes sent our way—and the quality of your efforts—made the judging process rather difficult this year. There was also dissent among the judging ranks as to which contributions reigned supreme. With that in mind, and because such a process is, admittedly, quite subjective, we’re bestowing equal rewards to six of your entries. These runners up can come by the Alibi office (413 Central NW) to pick up their $20 gift cards to The Grove Café and Market. But we aren’t pure socialists: There’s a first-place winner who’s getting an appropriately grand prize.


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