"I Saw You" at Occupy ABQ

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

[ Wed Mar 7 2012 1:00 PM ]

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Doubledishy Doublespeak Redhead in Occupy ABQ at UNM

SPQR (Rome) did the same thing to Jews in Judea as the USA did to aboriginal Americans. Every native people has a right of return to the land of their origin. When Israel starts putting the Bedou you call Palestinians in reservations, starves them to death, gives them smallpox-infected blankets, puts bounties on their scalps, and when the USA & Canada give ALL of their lands back to aboriginal Americans, then your rants about Israeli "apartheid" might have a little credibility.

J building at Montoya 2/27 7:30 ish

You: At the table on your laptop, seemingly doin’ homework or something of the sort, Red pants, cool lookin' boots. Me: Blue hoodie and beanie. Just got out a class with a few minutes to kill, so I ended up playin' some gameboy right across from you. With that said, I thought you were quite beautiful and seem rather interesting. If you should come across this and wanna get to know each other, I say let's make it happen, let's see if there's somethin' to be found : )