Film & TV
Alibi V.13 No.14 • April 1-7, 2004

Reel World

Reel World

April Fools—Guild Cinema is celebrating April 1 in high style with a one-night-only screening of "Pranks!!" This special salute to April Fool's Day includes an assortment of devilish, devious video works from around the country. "Homeland Security: It's in Your Hands" by The White Ring offers "tips" on surviving these increasingly dangerous and scary times. The hilarious "G.I. Joe PSAs" by Eric Fensler, features the red-blooded TV cartoon hero teaching kids how to defuse many a bad situation. "The Eternal Frame" by legendary performance filmmakers Ant Farm is one of the seminal video works of the '70s, restaging the tragic events of Dallas 1963. There will be plenty more video insanity including a rare, classic "mystery screening" by famed underground filmmaker Todd Haynes (Safe, Far From Heaven). Screenings take place at 5:30 and 8 p.m.

Colombian Plan—The People before Profit Film series has joined up with the Colombia Solidarity Committee for a film/lecture on Plan Colombia. Luis Galvis Mujuica, a speaker from Global Exchange, will be on hand to discuss the country's controversial "war on drugs." In addition to the Q&A session, there will be two short documentaries. "Kajka Ika: Defending the Heart of the World" concentrates on the struggles of the U'wa Indians to protect their lands from Occidental Petroleum. "Plan Colombia: Cashing in on the Drug War Failure" focuses on violence, US involvement, human rights violations and environmental devastation in South America. The event starts at 7 p.m. at the Peace and Justice Center (202 Harvard SE).

Window on the World—The Walls Gallery (510 Ventral SE) is kicking off a three-week presentation of video work conceived and curated by Mary Tsiongas. Using only the window on the front of the building, local video artists will rear-project wonk on double screens and present a virtual sidewalk cinema. Viewers will be able to see the exhibit after sunset by walking outside the gallery. Most of the work is performance-based and will take on the location as subject matter. Michel Cook, Erika Adams, Joel Waldrep and Matthew Rana are among the artists whose work will be projected. The show will run from sunset to sunrise from April 5 to April 25.