you suck!

Nice Parking Job, Asshole!

By Tom Nayder [ Wed Jun 8 2011 2:48 PM ]
Written on back of window: "Haters keep on hatin, hate on!"

Thanks to an anonymous friend for sending me this one. She writes:

this picture was taken at the HSD income support division. they should really rename this place "asshole support division". the clientele are always unbelievably amazing, and i almost got smashed trying to leave the parking lot by some skinny bitch who was going 50mph in the parking lot. my favorite part of this picture is that not only does this douche-monger have a message on his stupid car about not "hatin" his ride, but the dickwad next to him just decided to park like ricky retardo too. #whyiheartalbuquerque
ps. thank you for having this as a feature in the alibi. finally, there is a place to vent about asshole park jobs! :)

I'm sure you see plenty of asshole parking jobs, take a picture and email me.