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Trash Fashion Show and Costume Contest

By Lisa Barrow [ Thu Nov 14 2013 3:01 PM ]
Preppin' for the Trash Fashion Show
Courtesy of Recycle Santa Fe
Preppin' for the Trash Fashion Show

In 2012, it may have been the only event in New Mexico to involve milk jugs, sanding discs, hot air balloon material, bike tubes and a sailboat jib, all paraded down a catwalk by smiling models—so you can only imagine what Recycle Santa Fe’s Trash Fashion and Costume Contest will bring in 2013. Luckily we’ve made so much new trash in the past year! Participants, competing for cash and prizes, transform cast-off ephemera into works of wearable art. Extracting finery from refuse, some outfits are elegant, some are funny, and all flaunt a praiseworthy creative spark. Tonight's fashion show, which gets going at 7pm at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center (201 W. Marcy Street), kicks off the 15th annual Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival, a gathering of over 80 artists from all over the country to sell and exhibit their artworks made with, at a minimum, 75% recycled materials. Fashion show admission runs $15 to $20 and includes entry to the festival. If you can’t make it to the show, the festival’s $5 tonight and free Saturday and Sunday, so pick up some charming tin-can earrings and feel good about doing your part for the environment. Santa Fe Convention Center, Santa Fe • Fri Nov 15 • 7pm • $15-$20 • View on Alibi calendar