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Visual Reports from the Digital Universe: Artist's reception at Abbate

"Canyon Road Goes Digital"

California transplant David Randolph describes himself as “a sculptor painter.” Not a sculptor-slash-painter, mind you, or a painter-slash-sculptor, but as both simultaneously. A few minutes in the cubed and multifaceted world of his new show, Visual Reports From the Digital Universe, and you'll grok the distinction: Randolph fuses dimensional form with planes of light and shadow no matter what medium he's working in. Tonight, at his artist's reception at Abbate Fine Art (713 Canyon Road, Santa Fe) at 5pm, plunge into a fragmented (yet aesthetically satisfying) reality with pieces like the acrylic painting “Santa Fe Descending a Staircase” and the limited-edition print “Canyon Road Goes Digital,” which connect cubo-futurism to landscape painting by way of Wreck-It Ralph. His series of “Catwize” cast-stone sculptures shiver with gem-sharp, light-refracting planes softened by affection. Like a Rubik's Cube, Randolph's art bends the mind just enough to make a game of seeing. Abbate Fine Art, Santa Fe • Fri Nov 29 • 5pm • View on Alibi calendar