The Treehouse

By Erin Adair-Hodges [ Mon Feb 15 2010 9:46 AM ]
The audience sat on rugs designed by Joan Weissman as part of 516's Form and Function exhibit. I prefered to stand.

The Treehouse is an always different open mic and poetry performance held the second Saturday of each month at 516 ARTS. There's an hour or so of first-come, first-read writers, followed by the featured poet; in the past, Jennifer Pontzer and Bob Reeves, among others, have headlined.

This past weekend's performance was an "erotic" version (see our mention of it in Culture Shock). Dinah Frank, the alter ego of a local writer who bears a striking resemblance to Lisa Gill, presented a love story to French filmmaker Jean Cocteau. Really, though, it was an unflinching recollection of the madness of youth and love and obsession, as well as a look at what terrible lengths people to go to figure out who we are. Plus, there was audience interaction.

As a first performance, there were some kinks (of the non-erotic kind) to be sure, but it was a welcome alternative to an evening filled with poems about blind love.

So, what did you do to mark (or erase) Valentine's Day?