Mala Maña • Latin, world

Saturday Aug 9, 2014

900 Girard SE
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 256-2065




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Join us for our 100th library show with one of our favorite local bands at one of our favorite libraries! Harmoniously fusing traditional rhythms and songs with a modern flair, Mala Maña uses music as a medium for healing, empowerment, and entertainment. Mala Maña is built upon a deep love and respect for music and each other, with a shared passion for social truths and justice. Food from Gauchito’s Argentinian Grill food truck will be available for purchase on site. This show is free, but reservations are encouraged.

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Reading rainbows

Mala Maña
Courtesy of artist

Mala Maña is one of Burque’s premier vocal and percussion ensembles. Two upcoming library concerts feature the culturally diverse troupe. That diversity is an essential, binding force imperative to Mala Maña’s output. They're serious in their dedication to navigating the deep waters of rhythmic and vocal traditions from Africa and Latin America, melding them with contemporary expression and musicological motives. Mala Maña is: Chava, Alyson Steinman, Lydia Garcia, Carolina Acuña, Lupe Mendoza, Tatiana Schotte and Teresa Guevara. In combination, their sound is joyfully poly-rhythmic. So much so you may have a sudden urge to dance or to fall into a windy, archetype-filled trance. Mala Maña is a local cultural treasure that you can check out at two other local cultural treasures, Ernie Pyle Library (900 Girard SE) and Cherry Hills Library (6901 Barstow NE). The gig at Pyle’s old digs starts at noon on Saturday, Aug. 9, at AMP’s 100th Library Concert. Mala Maña also performs on the high desert plain at Cherry Hills, on Tuesday, Aug. 12, at 6pm. Both concerts are free.

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