Across the Divide

Friday Jul 25, 2014

Additional Dates:

200 Canyon Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87501




Ashley Wilson

Phone: 505-795-7476
Website: Click to Visit

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New works by Tony Griffith.

Runs through 8/6.



The push and pull of overlapping geometric shapes amidst atmospheric effects of light, color and space coexist on a textural picture plane. The compositions morph from the purely abstract into surreal landscapes. Rock-like texture and water-like resin create the barriers through which the viewer has the sense of peering through solid surface into space, parsing the nature and causal relationships between the various phenomena represented here by Man and Nature. The designs suggest the artifact, void of a sense of past present or future.  Divided segments represent compartmentalized memories, experiences and physical terrain all being traversed through time or one’s lifetime.