MOMIX Botanica

Momixed media

Vetted international dance company MOMIX is a troupe that explores the limits of theater art. MOMIX has a 30-year track record and has brought its productions to almost two dozen countries throughout the world. “Botanica” is the company’s most groundbreaking performance to date and includes light, video, and sound as well as breathtaking dance to create a full-bodied and unique theater experience. “Botanica” explores the themes of nature, harmony, and becoming and is a splendid choice for those looking to celebrate the Spring season. Like Cirque de Soleil, MOMIX is famed for crossing the boundaries of performance through stunning sets and costume design to startling subject matter and hypnotic, dreamlike dance. Lovers of dance, vivid color and theater art will not be disappointed. If you’re still not sold, catch snippets of their “Botanica” online and then see it in person. (Christopher Johnson)

Friday Mar 29, 2013

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203 Cornell Dr NE (UNM Center for the Arts)
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: 925-5858
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Popejoy Hall

Phone: 505-277-8010
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Dancer-illusionists celebrate worlds of surrealistic images using props, light, shadow and the human body.

BOTANICA shows off the endless energy of the superb MOMIX performers, with costumes, projections and custom-made props/puppetry adding extra fantasy to the elixir.