Float the Fiesta

Tuesday Oct 16, 2012

Additional Dates:

105 Pleasant View Dr.
Bernalillo, NM 87004

Phone: (505) 771-1234



Drift along the river, far from the massive crowds, as hundreds of balloons soar overhead.

With Albuquerque’s prevailing winds coming out of the south, many balloons fly directly up the Rio Grande. Three of our four events in 2011 featured a "splash and dash" right in the midst of our paddlers! These early morning float trips begin at our facility in Bernalillo at 5:30 AM, where we'll provide hot coffee and a variety of fresh fruits and baked goods during the orientation. We'll then head out at about 6:00 AM, while continually monitoring the wind and weather conditions at Balloon Fiesta Park, often spotting the Dawn Patrol in the early morning sky as we drive unimpeded to our launch site. We'll choose our launch point in order to maximize our chances of seeing dozens of balloons soaring above, then time the launch to coincide with the mass ascension taking place at the Fiesta.