How to Use Massage for Better Sex

Wednesday Feb 22, 2017

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Self Serve

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Learn about anatomy and strategic touch techniques to unlock key relaxation points to release access to deeper pleasure.

This class gives you and your partner the tools to bring some of the benefits of therapeutic massage into the bedroom. 

Massage done individually or with your partner can benefit your sex life in a  variety of ways: by reducing stress and depression, increasing circulation, helping each other decompress mentally, among countless others. By nature, when we share these moments, we increase intimacy.

Some logistics: Plan to touch or be touched by your partner throughout the entire class. Wear clothing that is comfortable to you and allows for unobstructed movement. Massage oils and creams will be provided and available. If you have a non-scented oil you prefer to use, please bring it!

While the class is “couple” focused, friends are encouraged to attend!