James Whiton • experimental • Leeches of Lore • stoner rock, psychedelic

Friday Feb 24, 2017

1352 Rufina Circle
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phone: (505) 395-6369
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$10 via Alibi Bucks


Website: Click to Visit

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8PM doors


9PM show

In 2016, James Whiton signed with Cinder Cone Media Worldwide and co-produced a full-length CD Perchance to Dream, which will be released on February 24th, 2017 at Santa Fe’s astonishing art installation, Meow Wolf: The House of Eternal Return. Whiton will perform the CD in its entirety, followed by a performance from local rock legends Leeches of Lore.

Perchance to Dream draws from classical compositional techniques, combining tradition with genre-splitting experimental soundscapes, resulting in a dark and beautiful piece of music that is beautiful, unexpected, and mesmerizing.

“One man and one bass intertwined, emanating a wash of sound that was truly unbelievable.”


—Jennifer Johnson, The Guardian

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The Spirit of Whiton

Bassist returns to roots and kicks ass

James Whiton
Michael Weintrob

All this machinery/ Making modern music/ Can still be open-hearted/ Not so coldly charted/ It's really just a question/ Of your honesty/One likes to believe in the freedom of music … “Spirit of Radio,” by Rush, lyrics by Neil Peart.

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James Whiton
Courtesy of the Artist

On Friday, Feb. 24, I am urging members of the only extant race of bipedal vertebrates on this planet to put down what they are doing (unless that means safeguarding our nation's nuclear heritage or keeping the interwebz up and running) and head on up to Santa Fe, our glorious capital city, for a concert by bass virtuoso and loop master James Whiton. It's no secret by now that Whiton is playing a gig at Meow Wolf (1352 Rufina) to celebrate the release of his new album, Perchance to Dream. He is being supported in this effort by legendary and soon to be long gone Burqueño experimental metal outfit Leeches of Lore. The whole shebang is an event sponsored by masters of the avant-garde Meow Wolf as well as local arbiters of cultural excellence, Weekly Alibi. Whiton is an ace on the bass and uses classical, rock and jazz techniques combined with a knowing musicality to express deep ruminations and cryptic celebrations of what it means to be human. His new album, produced by the wizards at Cinder Cone Records, is an edgy reflection of an important musical force in these parts. Though we here at Weekly Alibi have a horse in this race, it is important to note that Whiton's scorching awesomeness is not to be trifled with; missing this show means listing yourself as seriously out of the loop. Tickets are $10 and Whiton makes his conquering ostinatos manifest at 9pm.

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