Nicola López: Public Artist Talk

Tuesday Mar 21, 2017

203 Cornell NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106






Shelly Smith

Phone: 505-277-3901

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Nicola López artist talk at Tamarind Gallery, 2012

Nicola López, Born in Santa Fe, NM; lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Nicola brings a third dimension to printmaking, constructing delicate layers of paper into architectural elements that transform and hover. Her complex prints inspire associations of biomimicry, demolition, urban decay, structural weight, and emergence. In residence again this spring at Tamarind, Nicola Lopez will collaborate with a new team of printers led by master printer Valpuri Remling.

Artist talk followed by a private reception with the artist for Tamarind's FABULOUS FRIENDS at Tamarind Institute, 2500 Central Ave SE, 7:00pm

For more information about joining Tamarind Fabulous Friends, call 505-277-3901 or join online at