DJ Shadow • electronic, hip-hop

Wednesday Apr 12, 2017




Phone: 505-764-0249
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DJ Shadow
Courtesy of the artist

And then there’s DJ Shadow, who was born Joshua Paul Davis. Davis, or Shadow if you prefer, has been incredibly important in the development and evolution of electronica ... not to mention rocanrol, jazz and just about every other form of popular music made since the middle of the ‘90s. I daresay that without DJ Shadow’s vision creeping through the system, their would be no Moby, no Radiohead, no such thing as experimental hip-hop. Period. And now the citizens of Albuquerque have a chance to witness the phenomenon in person. DJ Shadow will be performing live at Sunshine Theater (120 Central SW) on Wednesday, April 12, as part of The Mountain Will Fall Tour. Last year’s recording is deep, roaring with insane beats and quirky tangents in a way that seems otherworldly and definitely worth a live look. For only $25, this all-ages (13+) extravaganza might be the perfect thing to propel listeners from the humdrum of midweek and toward the redemption of the coming weekend. It all begins at 7pm, in case you want to go.

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