Son Volt • Americana • David Luning Band • folk

Tuesday Apr 25, 2017

9800 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Phone: 296-2726
Website: Click to Visit






Phone: 505-296-2726

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Just now pushing fifty, Jay Farrar, the creative force behind Son Volt, is still not as old as his voice. Not nearly. His singing voice, an ageless gift which sounds something like old timber looks, like the unpainted walls framing Walker Evans' best portraits from "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men": simple, durable, weathered and grooved and unplanned. David Luning will open the show.

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Son Volt

And before you go on and on about how serious this week’s column is, then have I got news for you. Son Volt plays on Tuesday, April 24, at Dirty Bourbon Dance Hall & Saloon (9800 Montgomery NE), courtesy of AMP productions. That’s pretty damn serious. Jay Farrar, the genius behind seminal alt-country icon Uncle Tupelo, succeeded in advancing the reach and range of traditional American music through the recordings and performances of Son Volt. The band, both the former legendary line up and the new quintet (including Mark Spencer of Blood Oranges) have hewed to Farrar’s unitary vision over the years, helping forge a sound that radically deconstructs country tropes while nodding auspiciously to traditional forms. The band’s new album, Notes of Blue, continues the exploratory and subsequently expository nature of Son Volts’ journey through the American melody and mind, referencing the blues as a matter of telling stories that are big and lonely and full of life; for Farrar, the blues becomes the vehicle of musical narrative. Folkster David Luning provides tour support. The previously described, 21+ aural experience can be yours, regardless of affiliation with America, for only $22. That’s a helluva low price to pay to get in on some of the sounds that made this country famous and put us out in front, kinda like a vanguard.

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