BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH CALSCALE:GREGORIAN PRODID:-//Refresh Web Development//Helios Calendar//EN X-FROM-URL: X-WR-RELCALID:Alibi Calendar Youth Engagement 20170520T100000 X-WR-TIMEZONE:America/Denver X-WR-CALNAME:Alibi Calendar BEGIN:VEVENT URL;VALUE="URI": DTSTART:20170520T100000 DTEND:20170520T150000 SUMMARY:Youth Engagement DESCRIPTION:OAAA has partnered with Warehouse 508 to create exciting FREE f ield trips for youth aged 11-20. We are offering five workshops: hip hop d ance\, financial literacy\, poetry\, t-shirt printing\, & social justice a rt with free lunch. RSVP to attend!We have four dates available at 40 yout h per day. The dates are Saturday April 15\, April 22\, May 13\, and May 2 0 from 10am-3pm.We are offering five workshops: hip hop dance\, financial literacy\, poetry\, t-shirt printing\, and social justice art and a free D ion’s lunch.In general\, goals for the workshops are:1. Help youth ident ify their self-worth and skills while learning about themselves and their peers2. Learn to approach different activities\, especially hobbies and pa ssions\, with an economic mindset (recognizing the different possibilities and career paths around that activity)3. Discover that skills normally de emed “worthless” or “just for fun” are not only inherently valuabl e\, but also have many ripple effects because of their transferability (e. g. art being used for therapy\, marketing\, graphics\, interior design\, e tc.\, poetry being used to strengthen communication skills in writing\, in terviewing\, public speaking\, etc.)4. HAVE FUN & LEARNThe purpose of the Youth Engagement Field Trips is to engage our youth in an interactive\, un ique manner so they are more receptive to learning. We’d like to teach a bout financial literacy and creative entrepreneurship to stimulate a busin ess driven mindset. With issues of low self-esteem and low perceived self- worth\, we’d also like to identify different skills our youth possess an d highlight the inherent worth of each skill. It’s even more important t o help our youth discover that many skills are transferrable. While someth ing may be done “just for fun” or society may label it as a “worthle ss\,” there are many ways to channel our hobbies\, passions\, and underu sed skills in an economically tangible manner.RSVP is mandatory for attend ance. Children must be from the ages of 11-20. GEO:35.088176858;-106.64706417 X-TRUMBA-CUSTOMFIELD;NAME="Address";ID=1;TYPE=RichLocation:508 1st St NW\,A lbuquerque\,NM LOCATION;ALTREP=" ":Warehouse 508 - 508 1st St NW \, Albuquerque\, NM US CATEGORIES:Kids PRIORITY:0 TRANSP:TRANSPARENT UID: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR