The Psyactics • The Burning Shivers • The Dying Beds • punk • Shitty and the Terribles • garage

Saturday Apr 22, 2017

515 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Albuquerque, NM 87102






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Shitty and the Terribles
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Saturday’s a whole different thing altogether. Without digressing too much, it’s still possible to say that the concept behind “Saturday night,”—the crux of the party, the nocturnal indication that one is truly free and young and beautiful and work will never come again—needs a soundtrack. That postmodern conceit, leads me to believe that Burt’s Tiki Lounge (515 Central NW) will be the place to get all polymorphic whilst appropriating and colonizing. A rock concert on Saturday, April 22, featuring local and regional bands is the reason. It’ll be cooler than school though, dudes, because regional weirdo noise punks The Psyatics will be playing a gig with local standouts The Dying Beds and Shitty and the Terribles. Interestingly, the whole “noise” thing is a John Cage thing popularized by a slew of mainly ‘80s percussionists and pianists who passed on their love of musique concrete and Cage to a generation of students who put that once removed influence to use in rocanrol projects. That’s some cray evolution, but you can almost hear it on Psyatics tunes like, “Bags Of Bones.” Also, the local openers totally rock! The Dying Beds featue muscular vocals and guitar work by Paul Sanders and Eric Moran, while Shitty and the Terribles have a dirty, crusty allure that is equal to if not more fragrant than their Burque dirtbag band predecessors, Icky and the Yuks. I wonder what Icky thinks. Anyway this awesome, 21+ example of how the now is constantly and loudly digressing into the noisy chaos of forever lacks a cover charge (FREE show!) and goes off at 9pm.

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