Mobius Twist

Wednesday Jun 21, 2017

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5600 Trumbull Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone: 505-256-2067




The Public Library ABQ-Bernco

Phone: (505)256-2067
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Experiment with ways to stretch, compress and bend shapes into new shapes using various materials. Registration required.


Can you change your donut into a cup for your hot chocolate? Find out how by using the properties of topology! Experiment with ways to stretch, compress, and bend shapes into new ones using various materials. Investigate the topology and geometry of shapes as you solve puzzles and explore Möbius strips. Use these ideas to map out and build a twisted roller coaster. All materials will be provided. Registration is required for this event and is limited to 25 participants. This program is funded by the Friends for the Public Library.