First Annual Baca Railyard Block Party

Friday Jun 23, 2017

1226 Flagman
Santa Fe, NM 87505






Adriana Siso

Phone: (505) 989-9806
Website: Click to Visit

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Celebrate the alliance of local artists and businesses.

Press Release

June 23, 2017, from 5 PM to 8 PM.

Located in mid town Santa Fe, the Baca Railyard District has become the new Santa Fe hip and cutting edge arts & design center. Forming since the early 2000's as part of the Santa Fe Railyard mission to transform the historic Railyard into a sustainable and inviting public space for recreational, social, artistic, and commercial activities in a way that embraces Santa Fe’s cultural and historical significance and upholds the community’s vision.

The wedged-shaped Baca area marks the southern end of the Railyard that once served as a coal and fuel storage yard for the Denver & Rio Grande and New Mexico Central railways, connected to the North Railyard site by a still visible old rail alignment across the area currently occupied by School of the Deaf. The completed Acequia Trail Easement now connects the Baca area to the North Railyard for hikers and cyclists and provides a major link in the extensive trail system throughout the city of Santa Fe and beyond.

Most of the pre-existing structures in the Baca Area were metal warehouses reminiscent of an earlier era. Warehousing, light industrial, stone yards and art production made up pre-development activities, but the recent introduction of cutting edge contemporary architecture housing furniture showrooms, retail shops and artists and architects’ live- work spaces are bringing an exciting new modern dynamic to this historic working district. The Baca Railyard area has grown organically with a bright future for locally owned businesses. 

The neighborhood is teeming with vitality and new energy. A stroll through Flagman Way, Shoofly Street and Railfan Drive will invite the visitor to the vibrant mix of art and design objects and ideas for the home and commercial decor. Visitors will be able to chat with business and studio owners and become part of the activity. Some venues will be doing special events.