Family Fun Days

Sunday Aug 13, 2017

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9521 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

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Phone: 3140398

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Crafts, outdoor activities and experiments offered to deepen knowledge of the natural world.

Weekly crafts, outdoor activities, and experiments will be offered to deepen your discover of the natural world. Each Visitor can make journal and crafts to talk home. Activities are all correlated to school science standards making this a great opportunity for homeschoolers– learn, explore and play! There are different activities each week based on the month’s theme.

August- Searching with your Senses - Touch the plants, smell the scenery, and hear the sounds around to uncover a secret side of Bachechi. We'll make maps of the Bosque, find the best smell in the park, and even eat some wild edible plants. 


August 6- Use your sense of sight to identify different a rainbow of items around Bachechi, then pick a color that identifies your mood.  Inside build a mountain out of cardboard to understand cartography.


August 13- Challenge your sense of hearing along the path, then create a bracelet from your collection on a nature walk. Create a sound map of what you heard using a variety of paint brushes.


August 20 -Explore something new and draw a treasure map to it! Then come inside and make something out of clay to leave in your new special place.


August 27- Follow a guide on an edible hike around Bachechi. Find an apple or grape to eat. Build a shelter amongst the trees, and make a list of what things you really need to survive.