Stories of Wolves: The Lobo Returns

Don't You Hear Me Howling Babe?

“Leave it to the land, this is what it knows.” Hopefully Hozier's 2014 song will prove true for the Mexican gray wolf: “It Will Come Back.” To learn more about the recovery efforts of this beautiful, powerful and depressingly endangered species, round up your pack and run like the wind to the South Broadway Cultural Center on Saturday, Aug. 12, at 7pm to view the documentary film, Stories of Wolves: The Lobo Returns. This all-ages cinema event covers a variety of topics from habitat issues to the relationships the mammals have with ranchers and conservationists to their place in Native cultures. Tickets are only $8-$10 and include the film screening as well as a question and answer session with the director. (Renée Chavez)

Saturday Aug 12, 2017

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Documentary film following the recovery efforts for Mexican gray wolves which are the most endangered land mammal in North America. Screening and question and answer session with the director.


Documentary film screening and Q&A with the director, wolf celebration

“Stories of Wolves” is about the recovery efforts for our Mexican Gray Wolves, the most endangered land mammal in all of North America. There only remain about 100 wolves in the wild in Arizona and New Mexico.

The film has many sub-plots because of the dynamic relationship of the wolves to the various communities who now share the wolves” habitat: the ranchers, the conservationists, the Native American cultures, and the other animals who depend upon the wolves’ presence to maintain a healthy ecological system. Just as much as it is a film about wolves, it is also about the people of New Mexico, Arizona and the Northern hemisphere making a stand for coexistence with the wolves. Includes the director's story of her work in the field with the wolves. Ultimately, though it is about the vanishing wildness inside and outside of us... We all belong in the Web Of Life...