Cactus Tractor • pop, disco, progressive folk

Friday Aug 18, 2017

125 Second Street NW
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 505-242-9090


Phone: 505-242-9090

More events at Hotel Andaluz

Cactus Tractor returns to the Andaluz for an evening of music and fun. Enjoy them responsibly: With wine, cocktails and tapas! (Might a Zsa Zsa Cosmo be in your future?)

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Cactus Tractor
Kate Burns Photography

Friday night, Aug. 18, offers two choices that, if presented together, would yield some sort of unholy combination of all that is sonically sacred and profane. Separately, in two distinct doses, they might just make for an excellent, even auspicious official beginning to the weekend.

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