Bandwidth No Name • funk, hip-hop, rock • 2bers • Concepto Tambor • Afro-Latin, Latin, world • Prism Bitch • punk

Saturday Aug 19, 2017

407 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 505-242-4900
Website: Click to Visit




Phone: 505-242-4900

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Bandwidth No Name Album Release Show!

with 2bers, Concepto Tambor, and Prism Bitch, hosted by Keith Breckenridge

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Bandwidth No Name
Wes Naman

Well, what will it be, on Saturday, Aug. 19: Bandwidth No Name or Slayer. Let me say that again. Bandwidth No Name or Slayer? One’s funky, the other’s thrashy. You gotta figure out this one yourself, I sure as hell am going to have trouble splitting myself in half for these unforgettable shows, but maybe I can send my twin brother to one whilst I attend the other.

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