Heaps of (Multi-Species) Stories

Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

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Subhankar Banerjee discusses the decaying ecosystem of the artic.

FlyerVast number of caribou and vast number of snow goose overlap in space but not in time on the Arctic tundra and get entangled through their droppings that lead to nourishing. That we can call, multi-species world-making. And the art of telling the story? Multi-species storytelling. There is more. “We are the caribou people,” say the Gwich’in indigenous people of the Arctic North America. That is multi-species cosmology. Soon a heap of stories form and become a powerful agent of political action to resist oil extraction and advocate for environmental justice and conservation. And that would be—multi-species cosmopolitics.

In mere six decades we have steadily progressed from the dread of silent spring to the prospect of a lonely earth. Scientists have been busy cataloguing the epic ongoing loss of life—mass extinction and mass die-off—that largely remain out of our sight and apprehension. With the tragedy escalating, however, artists, activists, humanists, social scientists and the public, have joined the fray. Heaps of stories are forming to strive for the ongoingness of life and entangled multispecies lifeways on a human-ravaged earth.

Subhankar Banerjee is a self-taught artist and writer and an accidental activist. He is Lannan Chair and professor of Art & Ecology at the University of New Mexico. His exhibition Long Environmentalism: Activism | Photographs | Writing is on display at the UNM Art Museum through February 2018.

Presented in partnership with the Art & Ecology and the Land Arts of the American West programs in the Department of Art.

Generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Lannan Foundation.