The General (1926)

Saturday Sep 16, 2017

423 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 768-3522
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The Alloy Orchestra performs the original score live to accompany the Buster Keaton film.

Buster Keaton's The General (1926)

Johnnie loves his train ("The General") and Annabelle Lee. When the Civil War begins he is turned down for service because he's more valuable as an engineer. Annabelle thinks it's because he's a coward. Union spies capture The General with Annabelle on board. Johnnie must rescue both his loves. Written by Ed Stephan


The Alloy Orchestra (Metropolis, Phantom of the Opera, & Nosferatu) return to the KiMo theatre to perform their original score to this silent comic classic!



Buster Keaton, Marion Mack, Glen Cavender |


Rated (Unrated)

1h 7min

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General Admission

Albuquerque’s historic KiMo Theatre continues its 90th anniversary celebrations this weekend, starting with a special movie screening on Saturday, Sept. 16. At 7pm the theater will show Buster Keaton’s groundbreaking 1926 action comedy The General. In it Keaton plays a mild-mannered railroad engineer who swings into action during the Civil War when his train (and his girlfriend) are captured by Union spies. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based musical ensemble Alloy Orchestra will accompany the film with an original, live musical score. Alloy Orchestra has graced the KiMo stage several times over the years, performing live scores to silent film classics Metropolis, Nosferatu and The Phantom of the Opera. Tickets for this anniversary event are a mere 50 cents and can be purchased, in advance, at

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