UFOs: Physical Extraterrestrial or Paraphysical Interdimensional

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What if all the UFO-enthusiasts, abductees and contactees have been duped? What if the extraterrestrial visitors aren't physical at all? UFOlogist Norio Hayakawa—former director of the Civilian Intelligence Network—is giving a free lecture titled, "UFOs: Physical Extraterrestrial or Paraphysical Interdimensional" at the Taylor Ranch Library this Saturday, Sept. 23, in which he discusses the possibility that UFOs are paraphysical interdimensional entities, and not physical beings. This controversial talk on a controversial subject starts at 2pm and is open to all ages. (Joshua Lee)

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

5700 Bogart St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120

Phone: 897-8816






Norio Hayakawa

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A discussion on how personal, physical observations vary in time and materialization.

FlyerUFOs - - physical extraterrestrial or paraphysical extradimensional?

I will be discussing how I became convinced of the reality of the phenomenon, when my skeptical mother had a fascinating sighting in 1975.

But does it represent conclusive evidence of physical ET visitations on Earth? – – or, has the UFO phenomenon always been intentionally deceptive by design?

It seems to me that to a pre-selected observer or observers (possibly at a pre-selected location and time), the phenomenon appears to materialize and de-materialize at will, sometimes quickly but other times gradually, during the short period of time.

I now firmly believe that my mother’s sighting in 1975 similarly happened in that fashion, in her case, instantaneously.