Open House

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

709 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102






Jennifer DeSantis

Phone: 6789232755
Website: Click to Visit

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View the collection of local art while some artists create live.


We are opening the OT Circus Gallery from 4-8 pm on Saturday September 23rd during the SOMOS festivities!

Stop by and view our collection of local art! Some artists will be present and painting/creating LIVE!

The OT Circus prides itself on being a non pretentious creative space for local artists to shine. 90% of art sales go to the artists! When you purchase art through us, you are postively impacting the lives of living and working artists!

We are located on Central Ave betweeen The Hotel Blue and Firestone Tires at 709 Central Ave NW.