BioPark Behind-the-Scenes: Cats and Carnivores

Friday Oct 13, 2017

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903 10th Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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New Mexico BioPark Society

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Take a tour behind the Catwalk to see the tiger, mountain lions, jaguars and more cats up close. Registration required.

Come face to face with some of the BioPark’s most curious and endearing animals on a keeper-guided adventure. Your tour begins in the land down under to learn more about Australian marsupials. Enter the Tasmanian devil dens where you may get to see one up close. Learn about the Devil Facial Tumor disease and how the BioPark partners with the Australian government to save these threatened marsupials. Next, you will learn about another Tasmanian wonder – the wombat. Finally, you will have private access to the lorikeet aviary where you will have an exclusive opportunity to feed these fascinating and charismatic birds. 

Take a tour behind the Catwalk at the ABQ BioPark Zoo to see the tiger, mountain lions, jaguars, and more cats up close.

This is this purrrr-fect tour for cat lovers! Take a walk through the big cats’ nighthouses at the ABQ BioPark Zoo, and get a chance to see the felines up close. You will learn how zookeepers care for, feed and train these magnificent animals. Featured cats include the tiger, mountain lions, snow leopard, bobcats, lions and more.Tickets are $75 for this 60-minute tour, and pre-registration is required. Must be age 10+. All proceeds benefit the BioPark's big cats.