BioPark Behind-the-Scenes: Aquarium

Saturday Oct 14, 2017

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2601 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Phone: 848-7180
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New Mexico BioPark Society

Phone: 505-764-6297
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Come face-to-fin with some of the BioPark’s most curious ocean animals on an aquarist-guided adventure.

Come face to face with some of the BioPark’s most curious and endearing animals on a keeper-guided adventure. Your tour begins in the land down under to learn more about Australian marsupials. Enter the Tasmanian devil dens where you may get to see one up close. Learn about the Devil Facial Tumor disease and how the BioPark partners with the Australian government to save these threatened marsupials. Next, you will learn about another Tasmanian wonder – the wombat. Finally, you will have private access to the lorikeet aviary where you will have an exclusive opportunity to feed these fascinating and charismatic birds. 

Dive into adventure as you go behind-the-scenes at the ABQ BioPark Aquarium where sharks, sting rays and sea turtles swim just below your feet.

Come face to fin with some of the BioPark’s most curious ocean animals on an aquarist-guided adventure. Aquarists will escort you behind-the-scenes to show you how they care for thousands of animals each day. You'll ride an elevator to the top of the 285,000-gallon ocean tank for a gull’s eye view of our shark tank. Sharks, along with brilliantly colored reef fish, eels, sea turtles and other open ocean species, will be swimming just inches away from you. And those “biting” questions you might have? This will be the perfect time to ask!Tickets are $75 for this hour-long tour, and pre-registration is required. All ages welcome. Proceeds benefit the ABQ BioPark Aquarium.