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Rahim AlHaj Trio

The music most of us Westerners find familiar and comforting is derived from the theories of the same ancient dude that gave us trigonometry. Yeah, good ol' Pythagoras came up with a tonal system that formed the basis for Western music, but he ain't the only one—and Greeks weren't the only culture—to have ideas about what music should sound like. In particular, Arabic culture presents some challenging ideas and sounds related to things the human ear considers pleasing, alluring or curiously affecting. In Iraqi music, the maqam is a system of scales used to define melody and is often used as a guide to aid improvisation and composition. The system—and the sounds and melodies it produces—employs microtones and makes use of seven notes. The end result is an ethereal, unforgettable and profoundly different from what we're all used to hearing. On Sunday, Oct. 29, at 3pm, ramble on down to Corrales Old San Ysidro Church and have a listen to the Rahim AlHaj Trio as they totally transform this traditional Arabic aural system—incorporating contemporary and American influences—to create a truly singular Sunday sound experience. (August March)

Sunday Oct 29, 2017

966 Old Church Rd
Corrales, NM 87048

Website: Click to Visit






Website: Click to Visit

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The award-winning, highly skilled Middle Eastern musical group performs traditional Iraqi maqams with contemporary style and American influence.

Rahim AlHaj TrioThe Rahim AlHaj Trio, the award-winning, highly skilled Middle Eastern musical group from Albuquerque will present traditional Iraqi maqams with contemporary style and American influence.  Rahim AlHaj will play the oud (Arabic lute) with Sourena Sefati on santour and Issa Malluf on percussion.  Considered one of the finest oud players in the world, Rahim has performed globally winning many awards including two Grammy nominations.  Also a composer, his pieces for small ensembles and symphony orchestras evoke the exile from his homeland and the new beginnings in his adopted country of the United States. Ticket info: or  or in person at Frame-n-Art, Corrales (898-0660).