New Mexico: A Birder's Paradise?

A State For the Birds

One of the best things about New Mexico is its rich variety of wild birds. Dwayne Longenbaugh says birds are attracted to our state for very specific reasons. Find out why our state has the fourth highest bird species count in the US when Longenbaugh discusses geology, paleogeology and biology at the Adelante Development Center this Thursday, Oct. 19. This free lecture—entitled “New Mexico: A Birder's Paradise?” is open to the public, so bring all the birders in your family. The lecture starts at 7pm. (Joshua Lee)

Thursday Oct 19, 2017

3900 Osuna Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109






Central New Mexico Audubon

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Dwayne Longenbaugh discusses the geology, paleogeology and biology to explore why there is such a large variety of birds in N.M.

  Sandhill crane, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico. photo by Dwayne Longenbaugh

New Mexico - A Birder's Paradise?  Presented by Dwayne Longenbaugh Many of us enjoy the numerous and varied bird species we might see on our local outings, but have you ever thought much about what might have created the conditions which attract so many birds? We all use the normal everyday terms of habitat, climate etc., but in this presentation we will look at geology, paleogeology, biology, and perhaps some other -ologies to see and explore the many things that have brought us to the point where we have the 4th highest State species count in the U.S.