Edgar Cayce on the Light and Dark Forces

Saturday Nov 11, 2017

9800 Candelaria NE
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 292-0099






Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

Phone: 800-333-4499
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Author and mystic expert John Van Auken shares insights into the relationship between the earthly and the nonphysical worlds, how unseen helpers guide evolution and spiritual awakenings.

John explains how Edgar Cayce could see the invisibles that surround us--from angels to ghosts, even fairies! Learn how you can too! 

As crowded and busy as life is on Earth, the hidden realms are more so. Angels, fairies, the Dark and Light Forces, and elementals inhabit this invisible plane around us. Edgar Cayce himself had the ability to see and perceive these forces, as well as discarnate entities, ghosts, and “invisible friends.” His readings assured us that the Creator could use “a gnome, a fairy, an angel, a developing entity for a guide,” giving us many helpful teachers and friends to walk with us through life’s ups and downs. He also warned of darker forces and unseen negative entities that could create trouble and influence our lives and actions. 

In this fascinating program, bestselling author and mystical wisdom expert John Van Auken will share insights into the relationship between the earthly and the nonphysical worlds, and how unseen helpers guide humanity’s evolution and spiritual awakening.

John will share methods for benefiting from communing with the invisible world and for protecting yourself from unwanted influences. Using tools to create enhanced states of consciousness and perception, John will help you experience these other varieties of life in a manner that is helpful and positive to your soul growth.

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