Fireside Chat with Tim Keller and Dan Lewis


courtesy Weekly Alibi

This year's Albuquerque Mayoral race has been a helluva lot of fun for local lovers of la politica. From Deanna Archuleta's surprise exit, to Gus Pedrotty's formidable showing, to Wayne Johnson's right wing crusade in the first round, Weekly Alibi has been there at ringside to bring you the blow-by-blow action. But it's not over yet! The runoff features two of this town's greatest contenders, State Auditor Tim Keller and Burque City Councilor Dan Lewis going toe-to-toe to see who's going to lead our sleepy burg into the future. Join us at the Albuquerque Press Club on Thursday, Oct. 26 at 6pm for a Fireside Chat where both candidates speak clearly and decisively about what they plan for el porvenir en Albuquerque. The event is free and provides citizens a great opportunity to take part in the democratic process while partaking in the awesome and ancient atmosphere of the local clubhouse where this town's fifth estate take their leisure hours seriously. The event is open to all, 21 years of age and older. Priority seating will be given to members of the press, but feel free to mingle and mix it up, no matter your station in life—you're a citizen after all! (August March)

Thursday Oct 26, 2017

201 Highland Park Cir SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102




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An in-depth discussion with the candidates of the Mayoral runoff election.

Please join the Albuquerque Press Club and the Weekly Alibi as we present a Fireside Chat with the candidates for the Mayoral run-off election: Tim Keller and Dan Lewis.

The event is open to all 21 years of age and older. Priority seating will be given to members of the press.