Cory Doctorow is best known as the co-editor of the website Boing Boing and for his work with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which seeks to promote and defend digital privacy, online freedoms and common-sense intellectual property law. He is also a successful author and in 2008 his dystopian novel Little Brother was published to wide acclaim. Doctorow will be making two appearances in Albuquerque this Wednesday to promote Homeland, the sequel to Little Brother, and you can be sure that his talks will branch out to include the topics of DIY, DRM and the various interests of the EFF. After a brief 3 p.m. stop at Taylor Ranch Library, Doctorow will be doing a book signing/reading/Q&A at the South Broadway Cultural Center. The Taylor Ranch event is free, and the purchase of a copy of Homeland from sponsor Alamosa Books admits two at the SBCC appearance. Technically “young adult” novels, both of these books appeal to teens and adults, and the same will undoubtedly be true of Doctorow's presentations in Albuquerque. (Geoffrey Plant)

Wednesday Feb 27, 2013

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Brief talk with Cory Doctorow for the follow-up to his chilling YA dystopian novel, Little Brother.