Ichiyo School Ikebana: Blending Traditional & Modern Forms

Wednesday Apr 3, 2013

10801 Academy NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Phone: 505-822-0422






Peggy Atencio

Phone: 856-1326
Website: Click to Visit

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Albuquerque Chapter 41 of Ikebana International announces the appearance of guest artist Elaine Jo, Executive Master of Ichiyo, at its Ichiyo Demonstration & Luncheon on April 3 at the Tanoan Country Club. Ms. Jo, who lived in Tokyo for 25 years, is the president of the Atlanta Chapter of the Ichiyo School. A highly sought-after instructor, she teaches classes & travels extensively in the US giving workshops and demonstrations. Her work has appeared in international publications, and she has made guest appearances on the HGTV program Lynette Jennings Design. “Ikebana is captivating because of its beautiful, graceful lines and pleasing composition. Being able to watch an artist like Elaine Jo will inspire anyone interested in learning more about the joys and creativity of ikebana,” says Peggy Atencio president of the Albuquerque Chapter. “Elaine’s demonstration will show every step of creating original three-dimensional designs that are in harmony with our modern lifestyle and environments.”