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Likely Stories

Friday Apr 19, 2013

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Matrix Fine Art

3812 Central SE
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 268-8952



Paintings by Laura Wacha.

Laura Wacha’s paintings tell stories that linger in the mind like an unanswered question. Her work is full of cartoon-like creatures on brightly patterned backgrounds that leave an impression that brings one to go back to a piece multiple times. Wacha’s images are of the domestically mundane and globally tragic or vice versa. The creatures in her paintings are fantastical; they are reminiscent of science fiction characters in unusual situations and places. The compositions of Wacha’s pieces give the viewer an opportunity to “fill in the blanks”, so to speak, and create their own story based on their life experiences.   Exhibition dates: April 19 – May 25


    Regina Held

    Phone: 505-268-8952
    Website: Click to Visit