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Cured at home charcuterie

Sunday Apr 7, 2013

La Abeja Herbs

2401 Black Mesa Loop Southwest
Albuquerque, NM 87105





Learn to make such delicacies as duck prosciutto, bison jerky, patê and, everyone's favorite, bacon. Must RSVP.

The lost art of curing meats is one we would do well as a culture to revive and elaborate upon.  Satisfying, thrifty, and incomparably delicious--at home charcuterie should a part of every home chef's repertoire.  In this class you will learn to make such delicacies as Duck Prosciutto, Bison Jerky,  Patê (trust us, you'll love it...), and everyone's favorite--BACON.  *Must RSVP*


    Sophia Rose

    Phone: 5124237508
    Website: Click to Visit