Harvest of Empire

Saturday Mar 2, 2013

3405 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: 255-1848
Website: Click to Visit

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Screening of new, PBS-style documentary by Peter Getzels & Eduardo López that tackles issues of immigration. Journalist/author Juan González and producer Wendy Thompson will be in attendance.

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Harvest of Empire

Polarizing issue of immigration has its origins exposed in historical doc

If good fences make good neighbors, then scary giant walls are probably twice as effective.
New, PBS-style documentary by Peter Getzels & Eduardo López, tries to tackle the issue of immigration from a fresh perspective. Based on the book by award-winning journalist Juan González (“Democracy Now!”), Harvest of Empire asks one very simple question: What are these people doing here in the first place? The knee-jerk, surface-layer answer is that people from poor countries emigrate to America to make more money. Simple, no? But why are so many Latin American countries riddled with civil war, organized crime and overwhelming poverty in the first place? The answer, as in so many cases, lies in America’s neo-colonial government policy.

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