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Portmanteau Threesome

Portland’s Gaytheist sounds like they're queering atheism with their name, but a “gay theist” would denote nearly the opposite meaning. Linguistic geekery aside, it’s not just clever signifying. Gaytheist made Out Magazine’s 2012 “Year in Queer Aggro” band list, alongside Torche and Gaahl of Gorgoroth. These anthemic noise rockers rep the new Pacific Northwest underground music scene—home of the Melvins and KARP—sharing stages with peers like Lozen and Nü Sensae, and their phenomenal drummer is also in the ultra-heavy Elitist. Stealth Beats, Gaytheist’s new album, is a solid slab of snarling rock action. Live, they absolutely destroy. “Grunclecore” proponents Gusher have been tearing up the local scene for about two years now, seamlessly melding noise rock and shoegaze to powerful effect. Gusher brings all the heavy without the metal, and they're tight as a tick. [H]ohm is a fairly new instrumental trio—all formerly of Sabertooth Cavity—of Kris Kerby (drums), Hank Galindo (guitar) and Rene Aguilera (bass). Their teaser track on SoundCloud is ambient experimental, but live, they tend more toward math-rockin’ structured improv. One of numerous DIY all-ages events this week, this one takes place at the P&J Center (202 Harvard SE) on Tuesday. Bring your own earplugs. (Derek Caterwaul)


Tuesday Mar 12, 2013

202 Harvard Dr SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106




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