Plant Communication + Ethical Wildcrafting

Saturday May 11, 2013

2401 Black Mesa Loop Southwest
Albuquerque, NM 87105




Sophia Rose

Phone: 5124237508
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In this two-part class, participants will gain first-hand experience engaging plants directly.

We believe plants are teachers capable of deep communication and Beings in their own right with distinct personalities.  Plant life on Earth far pre-dates human existence. Just as we would be wise to look to any ancient humancivilization capable of thriving in our changing world, the plants which populate our lives can offer us a similar wisdom.  Going beyond the Western-Scientific model of botany and herbalism, you will begin to develop the faculties--innate in all humans--which allow for direct communication with the Plant Kingdom.  In the second portion of the class, we will discuss the responsibilities--both practical and spiritual--implicit in harvesting wild plant medicine.  From knowing what season, or even time of day, to collect certain parts of a plant to how to best utilize the specific medicine of many species, this class will provide you with a foundation in Ethical Wildcrafting so that you will be able to harvest wild plants  with the knowledge and confidence that you are doing so respectfully and sustainably.Both portions of the class will be held "in the field".  Anticipate a moderate hike, and plan your footwear accordingly.  Two day event //  +Must RSVP+