Salon Slam

Saturday Apr 27, 2013

1114 7th St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102-2051

Phone: 242-6367
Website: Click to Visit






Margo Morado

Phone: 505-717-7415

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A performance featuring writers, filmmakers, actors, painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, singers and other performance artists from across Albuquerque.

Salon Slam offers artists an opportunity to be part of  an intimate, mutually supportive community that brings together creative people from a wide range of artistic expressions so that they can inspire one another and/or collaborate to strengthen the "art scene" here. Additionally, it gives artists a chance to receive feedback from other artists and audience members.In this capacity, we hope that Salon Slam will serve as a cross-pollinator and an incubator for the arts.Whether you have a polished piece ready to perform/show or a strong and provocative work-in-progress, we invite you to join us. Assuming each artist will have between 10 and15 minutes, we will have space and time for 9 to 10 artists. If you are interested in performing, or have questions, please get back to us as soon as possible by contacting Margo at or 505-717-7415.  Salon Slam is also a performance event and we encourage you to invite everyone you know who is interested in the arts. We can accommodate seating for up to 50 people but we do need to know in advance as seating must be pre-arranged.We ask that everyone make a suggested donation of $3 to $15 to help offset the cost of the rental and sound system.Artists are encouraged to "put out the hat" so that others can express their appreciation.Help make this happen!