Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci (La Scala)

Sunday May 19, 2013

423 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 768-3522
Website: Click to Visit


Phone: (505) 768-3544

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Presented by Opera in Cinema.

Opera fans’ favorite double billing, Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci, are two brief operas that pack a big punch. The Wall Street Journal raves, “It wasn’t just good—it was magnificent.” As the betrayed clown Canio, tenor José Cura has “a thrilling voice and charisma to burn…a supercharged performer.” (The Telegraph) Don’t miss this world-class production from Teatro alla Scala. Cavalleria rusticana It is Easter morning in a small Sicilian village. Santuzza, Turiddu’s lover, suspects that he is striking up an affair with his old flame, Lola – despite the fact that Lola has married the well-off teamster Alfio. Santuzza begs Turiddu’s mother, Lucia, to tell her where her son is. Mamma Lucia guesses the truth about her son’s adultry, and brings Santuzza into her home as the Easter parade begins. The square is filled with townsfolk. Santuzza cannot attend Mass – she was excommunicated for fornicating with Turridu, which scandalized her village. The procession heads into the church, including Mamma Lucia, who senses that something bad will happen. Alone, Santuzza sees Turiddu coming and confronts him about his betrayal. Lola arrives, interrupting their quarrel to mock Santuzza about her excommunication before heading into Mass. The lovers continue their argument, which climaxes when Santuzza curses Turiddu. When Alfio arrives, Santuzza, in a frenzy, reveals to him the liaison between his wife and Turiddu. Alfio swears to avenge his honor. Once Mass is over, Turiddu offers a glass of wine to Alfio, who refuses, saying it may be poisoned. Turiddu pours the glass of wine on the ground, then embraces Alfio and bites his right ear – an ancient Sicilian rite, signifying a challenge to a duel. Alfio accepts. The men leave the village to duel. It is over quickly. From the streets an indistinct murmur is heard, and then a wild cry from a woman rushing into the square: “Turiddu has been killed!” Pagliacci Prologue Tonio asks the audience to meditate on the nature of drama – how much is play-acted, and how much is actually real? Sung in Italian with English subtitles 2 hrs 55 mins plus one intermission