Dear Mr. Watterson

Sunday May 5, 2013

3405 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: 255-1848
Website: Click to Visit




Website: Click to Visit

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A look into the life and art of “Calvin & Hobbes” creator Bill Watterson.

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This Saturday, May 4, is Free Comic Book Day, an annual orgy of illustrative art in which fair-weather fans descend upon stores to snatch up piles of complimentary comic books. If you’re a true lover of “sequential art” (as comic book genius Scott McCloud calls it), you might want to extend the holiday and head over to Guild Cinema on Sunday, May 5. Local word-and-picture publishing organization 7000 B.C. is sponsoring a special movie screening at 1 p.m. only. The documentary Dear Mr. Watterson looks into the life and art of “Calvin & Hobbes” creator Bill Watterson. Rather than hunt down the retired, Salinger-esque recluse, the film concentrates on loyal fans of the late, great comic strip. By examining the legacy of Watterson’s creation, the film contemplates the impact that art—even a “simple” comic strip—has on our lives. Advanced tickets ($7) are on sale now at Astro-Zombies (3100 Central SE) and Kaboom Test Labs (10250 Cottonwood Park NW and 1510 Wyoming NE).

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