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Changing Perceptions of the Western Landscape

Wednesday Jul 31, 2013

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2000 Mountain Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104-1459

Phone: 243-7255
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Bree Ortiz

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Contemporary wildernessless

Erika Osborne’s “Looking for Moran,” 2012

Now that humans have gotten their dirty paws on everything, pristine wilderness is more an idea than a reality. At the Albuquerque Museum (2000 Mountain NW) this weekend, a new exhibition called Changing Perceptions of the Western Landscape acknowledges the truth: that highways, vehicles, billboards and fences are pretty much inseparable from our experience of the wild world. In Erika Osborne's oil on linen work “Looking for Moran,” for example, the Grand Canyon unfurls itself in all its unutterable richness, illuminated by beams of sunlight that pierce the stygian cloud cover, but the grandeur is bounded in the foreground by a cluster of decidedly unglorious tour buses. The exhibition's other artists include Gus Foster, Woody Gwyn, Amelia Bauer, Wes Hempel, Joanne Lefrak, Jack Loeffler, Patrick Nagatani, Donald Woodman, Ed Ruscha, Mary Tsiongas and Vincent Valdez. The exhibition opens Saturday, May 18, and runs until Sept. 21. Hours and admission costs vary, so see for more information.

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