Mariposa • Hoverbourd • Uranium Worker

Spectral Butterfly

Originally from Santa Fe and now residing in Denver, Madeline Johnston is Mariposa. She plays delicate, introspective songs focused on her guitar work and occasionally backed by musical peers. Mariposa’s new album, Holy Ghost, is a bedroom recording made during the Colorado winter, with resonant guitar and wispy vocals that sound like they were recorded inside a warm, well-stocked cabin covered by an avalanche. In other words: cut off from the outside and with all the time in the world. Experimental elements surface throughout the album without disrupting the flow. Six-piece local band Hoverbourd has been playing danceable indie bliss-pop for several years under different names: The Yeah Mans, Honeypaws and possibly others. They recently recorded a crisp, propulsive debut with prominent trumpet adding an unspecified nostalgic ache to otherwise upbeat tunes. Uranium Worker is a newish acid-industrial trio of founding members Zacque Dana (Gusher) and Joe Buffaloe (Shoulder Voices) with Emma Crane (Javelina) as a recent vocal addition. I’m intrigued to hear what this one-woman whirlwind of local independent scene activity adds to an already great band. Find out for yourself this Friday, May 24, at the Gold House (1817 Gold SE). Show up around 8 p.m. with a $5 donation and show some respect for the hosts and their neighbors. (Derek Caterwaul)

Friday May 24, 2013

1817 Gold SE
Albuquerque, NM





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