The Bicycle Men

Thursday Jul 18, 2013

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3011 Monte Vista Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: 254-7716
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A wildly funny piece from four American TV sitcom writers about a naive Yank cycling through France. When he crashes his bike, he is stranded in a remote village where surly locals shrug and stage surreal puppet shows.

"-Charles Spencer, London Daily Telegraph"Brilliant and funny." -Steve Martin "I thoroughly enjoyed The Bicycle Men and have told many friends about it." -Neil Innes "I love the CD." -Emo Philips "The funniest show I've ever seen. It's perfect" -Jim Belushi "Put down that Prozac and cancel your vacation. Nothing could possibly lift your spirits as quickly as 'The Bicycle Men,' a gleefully funny exercise in Francophobia that even President Jacques Chirac would love.... this proudly silly comedy has as many guilty laughs as any show in town." -Jason Zinoman, New York Times"Pure delicacy, pure delight, pure undiluted madness. I can't think back to this show without breaking into fits of laughter...should really be obligatory viewing everywhere from Bruxelles to DC., - but it is such an exquisitely funny and well-timed feel good piece that it literally caters for every possible cultural taste around." -David Gritten, London Daily Telegraph "Le Comedie du Bicyclette,' a surreal, 75-minute melange of whacked-out characters, full-blown musical numbers, hysterical one-liners and dark comedy with a positively Beckettian appreciation for pain, is the single funniest little show to come anywhere near Chicago this year. Period. For those with a taste for offbeat comedy with a twisted soul, it's absolutely not to be missed." -Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune"Comedy Pick of the Week...delicious souffle...the powerful cabaret piece packs a wallop. Four fabulous actors with commanding pipes strut and cavort like the Marx Brothers doing Theater of the Absurd on steroids...C'est magnifique!" -Hattie Matthey, L.A. Weekly"Get ready for laughs...a brie-induced fever dream suffered by Lance Armstrong the night before the big race...unapologetically nonsensical."-Adam Tschorn, Los Angeles Times"Highly recommended...One of the funniest, looniest shows to pass through town...a perfect bijou -- a meticulously scripted and scored musical farce...strange, smart, and surreal."-Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times