Deep Space • ambient, lounge

Wednesday Jun 19, 2013

407 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 505-242-4900
Website: Click to Visit

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Another awesome psych band from ATX. Deep Space: About: Psychedelic Rock formed in Austin TX, 2012 Biography: Deep Space was created in the mystical wee hours of acid trips and seances within the desert lands of Austin TX. Women moan & men scream but there's no sound to be found out here in Deep Space. Description: Deep Space confuses the senses and expands the limits of space & time. "This space oddity just oozes film noir or B-film qualities and truly brings that era of film to the forefront of my mind. The ambient quality and warmth of the track surrounds you almost providing that vinyl sound that disappeared long ago. The vintage organ wails, the tribal nature of the drums beat, the live quality of the Jim Morrison styled vocals and the adventurous almost Dick Tracy guitar driving it all." Artists We Also Like: The Black Angels, Brian Jonestone Massacre, Dead Meadow , Night Beats, The Gris Gris, Spindrift, Spanish Moss

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Deep Space
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Deep Space sounds like they learned a lot from fellow Austinites The Black Angels, but they've taken their lessons further into Hawkwind territory. Both bands—actually, all three—indulge in paint-by-numbers psychedelia at times. Psych may be one of the easier genres within which to overlook this, as even dilettantes can stay true to original sound by simply playing consistent, heavy trance music. So don’t pay much attention to the lyrics, and just enjoy the throb. What’s to debate about a thick bass groove? Deep Space will take you down slow and easy. Local pop supergroup CanyonLands—now in their fifth year of rocking—have really come into their own lately. They’ve done cool things with the psych-rock style, and they've done it in a personalized way that grabs your attention. If this show were a psych battle of the bands, I’d be rooting for CanyonLands. Oddball surf rockers Phantom Lake—who breathe new life into a genre nearly beaten to death by The Ventures and a thousand imitators—also perform, and they’re damn fine musicians. Psych yourself up on Wednesday, June 19, at Sister (407 Central NW). The swirly sonics commence at 9 p.m., and cover is $5 for those of legal drinking age.

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